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Nutrition Response Testing

"Nutrition Response Testing®  is a unique, gentle, precise, and non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. When these are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health."  (Dr. Ulan, Founder of Nutrition Response Testing). 

Dr. G will analyze your body without drawing blood or causing any discomfort, and determine what areas of your body are under stress.  She will then develop a personalized health improvement program designed specifically for your body!  It is unlike any Nutrition program or test you've had before, and there have been some amazing, life-altering results (see Dr. G's story!) from this procedure! 

Massage Services

We're blessed to have a massage business within our building to further help patients!

The therapists book their own patients, so call or text the numbers below to get scheduled!

Terra - Massages on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

(918) 470-9535

Shirley - Massages on Wednesday and Friday

(918) 424-0038

Your health is in good hands...

Welcome to

Dr. G's Chiropractic

At Dr. G's Chiropractic, our focus is your health.  We strive to provide the best care for you, and to help you on your journey toward optimum health!

We provide a variety of services including: 

Chiropractic Care, Nutrition Response Testing®, and we have Family Massage and Day Spa located inside!

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Chiropractic care is an alternative health care option that utilizes the hands of a Doctor of Chiropractic to assess and correct a misalignment in the spine and other joints.  A misalignment in the spine is called a "subluxation", and the effects of these subluxations can be pain, inflammation, decreased motion, and loss of function in the joint!  A chiropractor will correct these with a small pressure, restoring motion and function while alleviating pain and inflammation!

At Dr. G's, we pride ourselves on offering safe, gentle, and effective chiropractic care to all ages.  We mainly utilize manual adjusting techniques, but we can tailor-fit our care to your body's specific needs.  

Chiropractic Care

Home: Dr. G and Staff

Dr. G and Staff

Hello!  My name is Dr. Myranda Golla, D.C. and I would like to share my story and why I'm passionate about helping you!

When I was merely 12 years old, I was in a car accident where I went head-first into the windshield of a truck, leaving me with headaches, back pain, and scoliosis.  By the time I was in high school, the headaches had turned into migraines and the migraine and back pain left me bed-ridden several days a week.   I would come home from school, sleep until the pain lessened (usually until about 3 a.m.), do my homework upon waking, and start the next day.  I struggled to do “normal” teenage activities such as going to the movies, amusement parks, or participate in outdoor activities due to my pain.  Despite the pain, I graduated with honors from McAlester High School in 2004. 

In early college, I was having migraines 6 days a week and back pain every day.  I was trying to decide what careers I could have while still be in pain, because every doctor only had medication or surgery to offer but could never guarantee me any relief.  I hated living like this but didn’t have any hope for improvement, making me scared that I’d have to live life this way.  At 22, I finally tried Chiropractic as sort of a “last resort”.  Chiropractic was life-changing, as it got me from migraines 6 days a week to less than 2 a month!  It was due to this amazing experience that I decided to become a chiropractor.  I attended Parker University in Dallas, TX, and I attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Anatomy, a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree!

Although happy with the relief chiropractic had given me, I still had back pain every day that was not relieved by chiropractic or massage.  I was told this pain was from my scoliosis, and I reluctantly accepted that there was nothing that could be done about it.  “This is just how I will have to live” I thought, and didn’t want to imagine my life in 5, 10, or 20 years.  The pain was already terrible, I didn’t know how I was going to live with it as I aged!  It was really affecting my life, I had to cut-back on seeing patients because I was in so much pain.  How could I heal others when I was hurting all the time?!

My 4th year in practice, I decided to attend a local seminar on something called “Nutrition Response Testing”, and while I was there, I was given a nutritional examination.  There, they found that my pancreas was under stress, along with a few other organs.  They suggested simple changes in my diet and a few supplements to utilize that began to help heal my organs and tissues.  Over time I noticed I was feeling better than I’d ever felt before, my energy was increasing, and one day it dawned on me that I didn’t have back pain!  I thought to myself, “If this helped what hundreds of chiropractic adjustments and massages couldn’t help, I’ve GOT to learn it!”  I began my journey to learning Nutritional Response Testing that day, and I cannot wait to help others the way I’d been helped!  I’m still a work in progress, but I can honestly say nothing has ever helped me more or made me feel better than Nutritional Response Testing and chiropractic!

-Dr. Myranda Golla, D.C.



Nutrition Practitioner,
Nutrition Coach, & Assistant

Jessica is a not only a Level II Quantum Nutrition Testing practitoner, a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner, a trained Nutrition Coach, but she also helps and supports Dr. G with patients and assists with anything and everything!  Jessica works in our office to support and help you understand the underlying causes of your health challenges.  She will test for and help you with foods, immune challenges, metals and toxins, understanding nutrition, and so much more!

Jessica's Story:

My journey with Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) began because of my children.  Through traditional medicine, I couldn’t get answers as to why my oldest son was having digestion issues and why my youngest son didn’t sleep.  
My oldest son started having digestion issues when he was just 3 months old.  At that time, I was told it was “normal” and we were given a prescription drug, but no explanation or reason for what was going on and why.  He didn’t improve, so I continued taking him back to his pediatrician out of concern.  When things didn’t improve, I took him to other doctors and yet they had the same response: more prescriptions to try to treat his symptoms and never investigating the underlying issues.  
Watching him be in pain, miserable at times, with no other options to try or ways to help him absolutely broke my “momma heart”. 
Fast forward almost 2 years later, I gave birth to my youngest son. He had poor quality of rest, was always fussy and crying, nothing I could do would help him in any way. I started the same process with him, taking him to doctors to see why he was so uncomfortable and not getting the rest he needed.  I was told once AGAIN, “It’s normal” and sent home. 
At this point, both of my sons started getting sick all the time, which meant more prescriptions!  I hated to give them medicines that only focused on symptoms, but I couldn’t  find answers otherwise.  I just wanted to know what the root causes of their symptoms were! 
At this point, I was exhausted and had lost a lot of hope.  I hated the emotional and physical rollercoaster that my sons and I had been on, so I went on a search for a more holistic and natural approach, praying I could find a doctor that would find the sources of the problems and either fix them, or at least point me in the right direction. 
Thats when I was told about Dr. G’s Nutrition Response Testing, we made an appointment,  began a few supplements, and changed our eating habits.  That’s when I finally started having hope and seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  We were finally getting answers and working on the root of our problems instead of just masking the symptoms!  It gave us a reason to make lifestyle changes that we already needed to do.  We began noticing how good we felt and feeling so wonderful so often was amazing to us.  We wanted to make sure we kept doing what we could to keep feeling better and doing better, so we have been patients since.  
I have found my passion in life, and l love helping others the way we have been helped!  I was a CNA for 10 years, helping with patients at the end of their life.  After starting NRT and nutrition, I knew I wanted to start helping patients BEFORE the end of life and to give them the good quality of life they deserve, not symptom-masking drugs and no answers like I had experienced.  I love being a part of this practice and cannot wait to help you find the root cause of your issues, solving them once and for all!

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